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MCEC is excited to partner with EyeEco. EyeEco offers top of the line eye masks to help with Dry Eye Relief. The EyeSeals line is available at Mid Columbia Eye Care.  EyeEco is owned and operated in the U.S.A.  Eyeeccos products are  manufactured in the United States. EyeEco has been helping releive dry eyes for 10 years.

Eyeseals 4.0

Soft and flexible, this hydrating eyeseal, gently shelters eyes from drafts and low humidity environments, preserving precious tears, soothing dry, tired eyes while blocking light. The moisture rich environment created, naturally keeps eyes comfortable throughout the evening while hydrating sensitive eyelid and surrounding skin. Arise anew, feeling refreshed.

Doctor Recommended for:

  • Nighttime Dry Eye Relief
  • Shelter from C-PAP leaks
  • Promote sleep and deep relaxation

Made in the USA, Latex Free, Patent Pending


Using Eyeseals 4.0 Clear with Secure Wrap:

Gently clean face and eyelids to remove all dirt and make-up prior to using eyeseals. Place mask over eyes and secure strap. The mask should fit comfortably and not feel too tight.

For increased moisture during wear, add a few drops of water to inside of eyecups prior to wearing. The combination of moisture, an enclosed space and body heat creates a natural humidifier for the eyes.



Tranquileyes Chronic Dry Eye XL Advanced Kit

The tranquileyes Chronic Dry Eye XL Advanced includes both of our reusable XR gel pack technologies - instant (blue) and beads (green).  With 30% more area covered than the original tranquileyes goggle, the Advanced XL kit allows you to create 160 moist-heat therapies lasting 20-25 minutes helping to relieve symptoms of Dry Eye, Blepharitis and MGD.   Both technologies incorporate water and heat to effectively open the oil glands while increasing relative humidity, stabilizing the tear film and hydrating sensitive eyelid and surrounding skin.   Both gel pack technologies can also be used to create soothing cold therapies to relieve under eye and eyelid puffiness, sinus pressure and itchiness related to eye allergies.  We recommend the Advanced XL kit for people with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Blepharitis or those with Dry Eye that do not plan on sleeping with the goggle.  While the XL is safe to sleep with, it's larger size will likely be too large for small or average size heads to sleep with.


Using Chronic Dry Eye Advanced XL with Beads & Instant Blue Goggle:

The tranquileyes XL system can be used to create soothing 20-25 minute moist-heat therapies for dry eye relief and hydration. The gel packs can also be placed in the freezer for refreshing 15-20 minute cold treatments to reduce eye lid and under eye puffiness.



D.E.R.M. (Dry Eye Relief Mask)

The Dry Eye Relief Mask is our entry level solution for immediate dry eye relief.  The mask contains Silica beads which naturally attract moisture from the air and release it when microwaved.  Heating the mask for 20 seconds will provide soothing moist-heat relief for 4-6 minutes.  Applying a moistened cotton liner to the mask prior to heating will extend the treatment to 7-9 minutes.  D.E.R.M. is hypoallergenic and can also be used to create cold therapies for allergy relief.